Franklin A & P Show 2019



Planning is well underway for the 2019 Show.  As we finalise details, we will update this page, as well as the News section on the front page.  

Welcome from the President

We invite you to be part of the Counties Power 2019 Pukekohe Show – managed by the Franklin A & P Society.

We pride ourselves as one of the older shows in the country, our first show held in 1886.  As well as running full competition schedules for beef, dairy, sheep, goats, horses, and alpacas, we have a thriving Home Industry section and woodchopping and shearing events.

The Show’s primary focus is on farming with, large and small block holders participating but also welcoming the City to the Country.   While we value the tradition of our 133 year history, we believe in moving with the times. 

There will be a large food alley with options to suit everyone.  

The Pukekohe Show is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday only. 


Exhibitions and Trade 

A range of indoor and outdoor exhibitors always attend this show, showcasing a variety of products and services that compliment our urban/rural mix.


Yes, we will have ‘cash out’ facilities in the Main Office, with a charge of $2.00 per transaction.

Livestock Competitions

We have a full schedule of competitions which cater for hundreds of competitors taking part in all areas including:

Dairy Cattle Beef Cattle Sheep
Alpaca  Horses Goats
Home Industry    

Other competitions

Wood Chopping Shearing  
Counties Strongest Man  


Dennis Marsh & Brendan Duggan

All new Children’s Amusement Rides – FUNCO Promotions


Rock-Up – Rock Climbing Wall

Dancing Diggers

Sheep Racing

3 Legged Sack Race


Egg & Spoon Race

Quick Fire Raffles



Update November 2018

At the A & P Show in 2019, we are having the Cheer Leading Squad - "Cheer Dynamix 2 Cool" throughout the weekend doing a Display and also fund raising for their trip to Dallas USA.

These talented kids are travelling to Dallas at the end of February 2019 to compete in one of the largest competitions in the world, NCA.

As a Fund Raiser, the parents and trainers of this Squad are running a Café out of Rose Cottage during the A & P Show. 

They will be selling Tea, Coffee, Scones, Cakes and other Morning & Afternoon Tea delights. 

All proceeds to go towards the Squad going to Dallas to represent New Zealand.

This is a great cause and we at the Franklin A & P Society are getting behind them to assist them in this venture.

Update July 2018

The Home Industry Schedule has been finalised, and ready to viewing.  To open this, please click on the cover image below, however please note that this is quite large, so could take a while to open.    We have also created a Tips and Hints document for you to peruse that will help you with your entries and give you an idea of what the Judges are looking for.


If you would like to receive a Home Industry Schedule, and are not already on our database, please email the office at