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Trade Site Application 2019

Food Site Application 2019

Welcome from the President

We invite you to be part of the Counties Power 2019 Pukekohe Show – managed by the Franklin A & P Society.

We pride ourselves as one of the older shows in the country, our first show held in 1886.  As well as running full competition schedules for beef, dairy, sheep, goats, horses, and alpacas, we have a thriving Home Industry section and woodchopping and shearing events.

The Show’s primary focus is on farming with, large and small block holders participating but also welcoming the City to the Country.   While we value the tradition of our 133 year history, we believe in moving with the times.  More than 10,000 come to this A&P show every year.  The average visitor stays longer than half a day.  Feedback from trade exhibitors is excellent; both sales and agreements on the day and follow-on calls.  We have increased the Trade Site area on ‘The Lawn’, so hopefully, we won’t have to turn away any exhibitors.

The Pukekohe Show is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday only. 

We will soon be taking bookings for trade and display sites at the Pukekohe Show. 

For more information please contact the showgrounds office:  09 238 8773,

Kind regards
Richard Holst

Show information – please note this not finalised, just FYI, and could change

Exhibitions and Trade 

A range of indoor and outdoor exhibitors always attend this show, showcasing a variety of products and services that compliment our urban/rural mix.


Yes, we will have ‘cash out’ facilities in the Main Office, with a charge of $2.00 per transaction.

Livestock Competitions

We have a full schedule of competitions which cater for hundreds of competitors taking part in all areas including:

Dairy Cattle Beef Cattle Sheep
Alpaca  Horses Goats
Home Industry    

Other competitions

Wood Chopping Shearing  
Counties Strongest Man  


Dennis Marsh & Brendan Duggan

All new Children’s Amusement Rides – FUNCO Promotions


Rock-Up – Rock Climbing Wall

Dancing Diggers

Sheep Racing

3 Legged Sack Race


Egg & Spoon Race

Quick Fire Raffles


Exhibition and Trade Sites

Exhibitions and Trade Layout

You are welcome to call at the showgrounds (tel 09 238 8773) to view the areas available and discuss the layout plan.
Access to your site is available from 8am Wednesday 13 February, or earlier by arrangement with the Showgrounds office. Sites should be cleared where possible on Sunday evening.
  Dimensions Details Inclusions
Booking Fee
Non Refundable
The Lawn
Sites L1 - L18
5m wide x
5m deep
grass base 3 gate passes $75 $275 + GST
Arena North
Sites AN9 - AN33
5m wide x
10m deep
grass base
(no power)
3 gate passes $75 $300 + GST

Arena North
Sites L19 - L26

5m wide x
5m deep
grass base 3 gates passes $75 $235 + GST
The Lane
Sites R1 - R26
5m wide x
8 m deep
grass base 3 gate passes $75 $275 + GST


Will be in the Food Court Arena Configuration
Please advise us of the size required

3 gate passes $75 $350 + GST

Food Sales

If you are selling food, the appropriate permit must be obtained from Environmental Health Officer at Auckland Council– 09 237 1300, and a copy of this permit MUST be sent in with the Food Site application – refer to our Food Sites application form (click here)

Exhibition and Trade Sites Layout Map

You can also download a version of this map here.

Exhibitions and Trade

Our Expectations

By booking a trade site, an exhibitor is indicating their acceptance of the conditions set out in this document, this includes:

  • fulfilling the expectation that their stand or display will remain in position and be staffed for the duration of the show .  Any exhibitor who dismantles all or any part of  their site before 4pm on Sunday 17th February will forfeit their right to exhibit at future shows with Franklin A & P Society.
  • that they will not drive their vehicle through the show area while the event is open to the public.  This should be an obvious Health & Safety issue.

Show Hours

  • 9am – 4pm. Stands and stalls must be in place by 8.30am Saturday morning, and may not be dismantled before the show ends at 4pm on Sunday. 
  • Please be careful driving around the Showgrounds when setting up prior to the Show. 
  • Entry charge will be $15.00 for adults, children $5.00 and preschoolers are free. Exhibitors will have entry passes allocated to their sites.  Extra passes are available to purchase. 

Trade exhibitors’ vehicles

  • Vehicles must be clear of the trade area by 8.00am each day or they will be towed away at the owner’s expense. 
  • Parking is provided nearby for exhibitors’ vehicles.  If you need to use your vehicle during the day, we advise that you park on the roadside or in one of the public parking areas.  You will not be able to access your site with your vehicle during show hours.


  • There will be security on site from 6pm to 7am on Friday and Saturday nights.  There will be no security on Sunday night.
  • Exhibitors are advised not to leave their valuables unattended at any time.

Power & Electrical Equipment

  • The charge for power connection and power used for the two days is $35.00 incl GST for standard power.
  • Three phase power is available with prior arrangement ($50.00 incl GST for a 3 phase 20 amp 5 pin PDL connection - conditions apply).  
  • All vehicles that require to be connected to the Franklin A&P Society Showgrounds electrical network must have and display a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness (Refer to Electrical Regulations Section 5.1, 5.2 requirements).
  • A copy of the Electrical warrant of Fitness must be forwarded with your application form.
  • Our Electrical contractors may check electrical equipment on site for compliance.  Exhibitors will be required to disconnect electrical equipment found to be unsafe or is not compliant.
  • All Electrical equipment must carry current electrical test certificate to comply with NZS3760 wiring regulations.
  • If you have different power requirements, please contact us.

Power connections and use

  • Connections to the A&P Society Showgrounds electrical network must be connected only through:
    (1) a 3pin plug and have an Isolating transformer or
    (2) RCD with a residual operating current not exceeding 30mA providing personal protection.   (Refer to Electrical Regulations Section 4 - Tents.)
  • Exhibitors are to supply their own extension leads.  All power cables are to have sufficient length to reach the network supply point.
  • All power cables used are to be of approved Electrical standard
  • The use of double adaptors is prohibited - Please use power boards.
  • Restrict entry to the rear of the site where power cables are run  
  • Where power cables are in front of the site, they must be covered or dug into the ground


  • The show will be promoted through the news media, websites, an email newsletter, posters, direct mail to clubs etc and billboards. 
  • Photo-stories well in advance give us both the best publicity.
  • Note that the application form offers you an opt-out choice re taking part in promotions we might run in conjunction with the local news media.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we will pass your contact details to local papers.  While participation remains your company’s choice, we hope you will take part as this helps us both.
  • Please phone the showgrounds office 09 238 8773 with ideas we can follow up for news stories and photos.  


Terms and Conditions for Trade Exhibitors

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Counties Power 2019 Pukekohe Show.


  • The Franklin A&P Society or its agents reserves the right to reject any applications with the decision being final and no correspondence will be entered into with respect of an unsuccessful application.
  • Note:  A Booking Fee applies to secure sites adn is non-refundable.  FULL payment MUST be received before tickest / passes are sent.  If payment is not received before 31st January no tickets will be MAILED and cash payment at the gate will be expected.  
  • The Trade Site is not transferable unless permission is given by the Event Co-ordinator / Secretary.


  • Payment, including power charge if requested, is to be forwarded with the application or made direct to our bank account before the application is accepted.
  • All cheques are to be made out to Franklin A&P Society.

Booking Confirmation

  • We will confirm your booking following payment of booking fee, and mail / email your tax invoice.
  • More information about exhibitor parking, site locations, publicity and special events will be forwarded at this time.
  • Exhibitor passes will be issued, allowing you foot entry as many times as you need during the day at no charge. Parking is free and exhibitors will be issued with car passes to allow them to access their site until 8.00am.
  • Car passes must be displayed at all times. NO PASS, NO ENTRY.

Indemnity & Insurance

  • The Franklin A&P Society or its agents will not be liable for any injuries to any person, or damages to property owned or controlled by exhibitors. Should claims for damages or injuries that may arise from or be in any way connected with the exhibitor occupation of the display space, the exhibitor agrees to indemnify Franklin A&P Society or its agents from liability for all such claims.
  • We recommend that exhibitors carry public liability insurance.

Exhibitor Cancellation

  • Note that the Booking Fee is non-refundable.  Any site cancellation after 1st February 2018 will also be non-refundable.

Exhibitors Sites

  • Sites will be marked out by the Show Organisers and numbered.

Exhibitors Must

  • Staff their sites at all times during the Shows opening hours.
  • Maintain their sites in a tidy condition.
  • Follow the instructions of the Show Officials

Exhibitors Must NOT

  • Undertake any digging activity without prior approval from the Show Secretary or Groundsman.  If the exhibitor causes damage to underground services and has not followed these instructions, they will be liable for all costs to repair the damage.
  • Distribute any promotional material from a site other than the space allocated, unless permission is granted in writing from the Show Secretary..
  • Increase prices during the show.
  • Dismantle all or any part of their stands prior to the closing of the show at 4pm Sunday 17 February.

Event Cancellation

  • If the show is abandoned or postponed due to any reason beyond the control of the Show Organiser, the Show Organiser is under no obligation to refund in whole or in part, any payments made by the exhibitors.
  • Any refund will be made at the discretion of the Franklin A&P Society.

Hammering or Digging

  • When setting up and driving stakes into the ground for marquees etc, please check at the Showgrounds Office where we have a map showing underground services. It’s best to obtain clearance before you get out the mallet or spade to avoid damaging underground power and water services.

No Roving Sales

  • Sell from your own site only please. If you plan to leaflet or carry out any other promotion within the grounds, clearance must be obtained from the Showgrounds Office when lodging your application.

Raffles/Charitable Collections

  • Raffle tickets and charitable collections are not permitted unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Show Organisers. Numbers will be strictly limited.

Safety and Health

  • We remind you of your obligations under the Health and Safety legislation, that is, that you ensure you site is a safe environment for your staff, those on adjoining sites, and visitors to the show.
  • Exhibitors must follow the instructions of the Show Officials.
  • Exhibitors must comply with all requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • The Show Management reserves the right to remove any exhibitor acting dangerously, offensively or uncooperatively at any time during the show.


Application Forms

Trade Site Application 2019

Food Site Application 2019

Online payments may be made to our Westpac Pukekohe account, 030406 0567736 00, entering your name as one payer ref, the purpose of the payment (e.g. 2019 Show Trade) as the second, then email or mail us your completed application form.

Any queries?

Please contact us at the Showgrounds office, 09 238 8773; email We are open business hours, weekdays and there is almost always someone here to assist you.

Please mail booking forms and payments to:

The Secretary
Franklin A&P Society
PO Box 32
Pukekohe 2340