Horse Measuring

Horse measuring has now been finalised.  The next measure season begins 1 August 2020 and we will advertise dates prior August so you can book ahead.

Remember you can always book a Private measure at any stage throughout the year.


Please note:  Bookings are Essential.  A telephone appointment must be made prior to the day.  You cannot arrive without making an appointment.

To book in your horse for measuring, please call the office on 09 238 8773 between 9am and 3pm Monday - Friday.  Please note: no email bookings will be accepted.


Once a booking is made, an Invoice will be sent out.  Payment is required prior to your appointment and can be made by Direct Credit.

Please use the invoice number and your surname as references.

 We no longer accept cheques as payment.


  • Direct Credit prior to arrival.



NEW First Measure:                     $31.00

Annual Re-Measure:                    $21.00


LIFE Measure:                              $76.00

(Horse must be over 8 years old and have a Microchip or be Branded & presented Barefoot)


Youngstock:                                  $11.00 (Horse/Pony - Under 3 years.)

(They require a second measure before January 31st following year)


PRIVATE Measure/Re-Measure   $80.00     (by appointment only)

PRIVATE Life Measure                  $125.00   (by appointment only)


Horse Measuring Dates

There are no more measuring dates until August 2020.  

PRIVATE appointments are available upon request - bookings essential.


Life Certificates:

A Life Measure can be completed on normal measuring days.

Come into the office to pick up your Life Measuring form (or we can post to you).



These MUST be completed by your Vet.  Your Vet is required to sight your horse and complete the Life Measure form.  Please contact our office if your require one of these forms.



  • Must be microchipped and/or Branded.
  • MUST be 8 years old or over.
  • HORSE must be presented barefoot for measuring.

As you can appreciate we do like to give a LIFE measure a little more time, but of course we have to be reasonable thinking of our other clients on the day. We will give you two appointment sessions (ie. 10 minutes approx.) for each horse to settle.