Dairy Training


Dairy Training runs the NZ Certificate of Agriculture Level 4 course during the year.  Information on the course follows:  

Learning Programme NZ Certificate in Agriculture Level 4
Course Code DTL131810
Venue Committee Room, A&P Showgrounds, Station Road, Pukekohe
Day & time (unless stated)

See Dairy Training Webpage for Dates & Times


Bring with you:

  • Ø Your Learner Resource Folder
  • Ø Your Work Diary
  • Ø Calculator, Lunch


*Tea and Coffee will be supplied.


Primary ITO Free Phone Number 0800 20 80 20
Tutor Name Crofton Hamilton
Tutor Mobile Number/Email

021 1537 941   

Training Adviser Mobile Number  


Course Summary:

Level 4, credits 56, learning hours 560, face to face (lectures/tutorials) 72hrs, self-directed learning 488 hrs.  This includes recommended reading material, preparing for assessments, tutorials, and contact time with rural professionals and relevant on farm practice.

Student Information:

You will be given student information at your first class.  Please make sure you read this as it is important.

Learning Methods:

You will be given course notes but it is expected that you will read a wider range of information.  Your tutor will suggest additional reading material to you.  Learning will be by way of lectures, small group work, self-directed study and project work.


All course material is assessed to NZQA Unit Standards.  To be successful you are required to make a commitment to carry out self-directed learning outside of the classroom, including extra reading and research.  If you are unable to meet the due dates for assessments, you will need to talk with your tutor.  It is important that you keep up to date; your tutor will monitor progress.

Class Attendance:

You are expected to attend all your classes as per your timetable.  If you are unable to attend class, you are expected to ring either your tutor or your Training Adviser prior to the class and let them know.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Dairy Training Ltd office should you have any queries.  Phone:  0800 467 768